It takes all kinds of fighters to beat this epidemic

UPDATE: Good news about FDA labeling changes for opioids. And, check out this terrific Seattle Times story of a mother who uses her celebrity to draw attention to the opioid epidemic. Penny LeGate is well known in that city for her years as a successful television anchor and show host.  After the loss of her daughter to a heroin overdose, she has moved the issue into greater visibility. LeGate has testified before state and national lawmakers and is pushing for practical help. Her daughter’s story was also part of the recent, acclaimed Frontline show, Chasing Heroin, on the subject.

“This can happen to anyone,” LeGate told Seattle Times journalist Nicole Brodeur. “And a lot of people have been unwilling to talk about it because they don’t want to be judged as horrible parents. I tell them to come out of the shadows because hiding the disease, whether it’s yourself or someone you love, allows people to die.”

Project Nurture in Portland Business Journal!

CODA’s Deputy Director Alison Noice recently talked to healthcare writer Elizabeth Hayes at Portland Business Journal about the agency’s role in Project Nurture. This program, a partnership with OHSU and Health Share of Oregon serves pregnant women who are receiving medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependence. The article gives an good overview of […] Read more »

CODA and the 2014-15 Book of Lists!

Portland Business Journal’s popular Book of Lists is out! This large-format annual guide to the area’s businesses, not-for-profits, professional services and more is an excellent and cogent resource, as well as a useful way to understand the economic structure of our area. CODA’s annual budget and workforce places it at […] Read more »

CODA Medical Director Weimer in TIME

Melissa Weimer,  CODA’s Medical Director, appears in a well-written article in Time magazine, headlined “Stopping America’s Hidden Overdose Crisis.” As Time writer Jon Marcus observes, “Weimer is an advocate of sharing prescription information across state lines through so-called prescription drug monitoring programs, known as PDMPs. Many states have adopted PDMPs […] Read more »

Portland Business Journal notes CODA Research study

“In Oregon, marijuana is second only to alcohol when it comes to admissions for substance abuse treatment, yet it’s hard to find any targeted programs here or elsewhere,” reports Portland Business Journal writer Elizabeth Hayes. She goes on to describe a study  being carried out by CODA Research that is looking at […] Read more »

Portland Business Journal: Mendenhall on addiction; Dwight Holton joins Lines for Life

A guest column in the Portland Business Journal provides a thoughtful overview of addiction and treatment today.  The author, Dr. Andy Mendenhall, medical director of the Hazelden clinic in Beaverton, wrote this  in the context of the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman: “We are spurred to feel compassion for the lost […] Read more »

Oregon healthcare in the news

The Oregonian reports that some 50,000 people were able to get coverage by year’s end through the state’s healthcare exchange, Cover Oregon. Those people are in addition to “more than 100,000 people who were enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan using a streamlined process set up by the state to bypass Cover Oregon,” writes […] Read more »

Opioid addiction treatment in the news

Dec 3 – The science (and stigma) of Suboxone, or buprenorphine, a drug used to treat opioid addiction is making headlines across the news blogosphere, following a series in The New York Times. The local view is reported by Portland Business Journal’s Elizabeth Hayes, in the multi-part series on addiction and […] Read more »